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  • The Duratrans proves to be ideal for all kinds of back lighted images,
    specialy those which require a great quality to be used in sales promotion,
    P.O.P., stands, advertising, shopwindows, inside of food shops,
    retail stores, transit advertising, corporate lobbies, tradeshows,
    visitor centers, museums, etc.

  • It is a photographic material , laser printed and photographic processed
    with Kodak photographic process.
    In fact, the Duratrans is a photograph to be back lighted.
    Among all systems, this is the one with more sharpness and colour saturation..

  • Duratrans is a continuous tone photographic print.
    Printing at an apparent 4000 dpi resolution.
    The main difference between this and other similar materials is that
    the Duratrans is a photograph and therefore it has no dots.
    The Duratrans is not measured in D.P.I. , because it is all image,
    without dots.
    In other print systems the quality of the printing depends on the dots
    per inch ( D.P.I. ), but no matters the quantity, there will always
    be between two dots a space without image.

  • Colour saturation Duratrans is much better than others printin system,
    including fleshtones and bright colors.
    Colors are rich and accurate.

  • Duratrans transparencies are produced from digital files or negatives.

  • Quantities and prices.
    It can be done per unit.
    When doing several equal copies the price is substantially reduced.
    The bigger is the number of equal copies, the lower is the unit price you pay.

  • It is easily installed and replaced.
    It can be laminated one or both sides.

  • Duratrans may be spliced, laminated, or grommeted to provide easy to install
    panels for lightboxes or other display fixtures.
    We offer a variety of finishing services and display products.
    Please contact us for more information.

  • Kodak and Duratrans are Eastman Kodak Company regitred trademarks.
    Sergio Kohn is a regitred trademarks.  


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